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In order to increase the trust and satisfaction of the organization’s customers and obtain their long-term loyalty, in conditions of economic efficiency and profit, ARM GRUP FEROVIAR S.R.L. has established a Quality, Environment and HSE Policy appropriate to the profile, structure and dimensions of the organization.

This Policy is a tool by which top management is committed to leading the organization to improve performance, prevent pollution and comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its environmental aspects.

The Quality, Environment and HSE policy considers:

1. Execution and supply of products that meet customer requirements, needs and expectations, translated into quality provisions, specified in bilateral contracts, applicable standards, including compliance with legal requirements and other requirements based on the principle of efficiency and effectiveness. This is the main concern of all staff.
2. The pursuit by the top management of the continuous improvement of the performances and quality of the organization’s products, of the quality in any activity, which ensures the continuity of the organization’s image.
3. Ensuring human and material resources, including continuous training of staff, to know, understand and comply with the requirements of the Integrated Management System.
4. Training the staff of the organization in identifying non-conformities and informing the persons with responsibilities in the field of quality, for the application of the established corrective and / or preventive actions.
5. Encouraging and supporting staff by top management, to contribute to environmental protection.
6. Prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses.
7. Continuous improvement of the HSE management system and HSE performance.
8. Compliance with legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

For the implementation of those specified in this statement, ARM GRUP FEROVIAR S.R.L. apply the following principles:

1. prevention and finding;
2. the responsibility for achieving and continuously improving quality lies with everyone, starting with the Director General;
3. learn from mistakes and prevent similar mistakes in the future;
4. the scope of the Quality, Environment, HSE Management System is represented by the entire organization and its activities.

The Integrated Management System of the organization is unitary, flexible and complies with the requirements of the reference standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2008 applicable in all departments of the organization.

The representative of the Quality, Environment and SSO Management is Mr. Tabarcea Marius Ionut, who has the authority and responsibility to design, implement, maintain and improve the Integrated Management System, described in the Quality – Environment – HSE Manual.

As General Manager of ARM GRUP FEROVIAR S.R.L. I state that the Quality, Environment and SSO Polcy is understood, implemented, maintained at all levels through staff training activities and improved through regular analysis of the system.

The manual and the procedures of the Quality-Environment-SSO Management System, represent through the provisions and dispositions that they include:
a) the guarantee offered to the clients by the management of the organization that the supplied products satisfy the requirements regarding the Quality, Environment and HSE specified in contracts, standards, regulations and the legislation in force;
b) the commitment of the top management for the observance of the applicable legal requirements, for the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, for the prevention of occupational diseases and work accidents.

General Manager: Neculai LUPU